Useful information about funerals

What to do, when person died?


In this section we are proposing to look over the important information, which will help you to avoid unpleasant moments.

Keep an eye on the medical workers of ambulance team, hospital, morgue. According to the instructions, adopted by Ministry of Health Care in September of 2006, acts of death statements issued for FREE

Dressing, bathing, makeup are also for free with few exeptions. Demand a check for any service you provided with the sum of money you spent.

Keep an eye on cemetery workers. The amount of money you paid, includes the services of grave diggers(art. 25 of the Law "On burial").

For additional consultation address: Main department of health care (044) 278-41-91 Kyiv city state administration 1551

If you have any complication concerning paperwork or else troubles, contact us - +380(67)996-60-77. Our workers will do all trouble of solving the issues. This srvice is free.

Unfortunately, every one faces death of close person. Shame, but there will be always someone, who will try to make profit out of your tragedy by deceive or illegal means. In grief, we do not think about it...Organisation of burial process takes a lot of time and forces, moral as well as physical.


Here is what you need to do, if the tragedy happened and some close to you has died.

There is a list of things you should know about.

1. Call an ambulance

This is necessary procedure, though ambulance workers often cynically deceives people. The deception is a hard sell of paid services, so to speak because of absence of free transportations.If ambulance workers proposing you to use services of funeral companies, which makes them financial roll back (as it often is), or ither services, they are obliged to do for free according to the law, you should refuse. In this cases we are asking you to inform authorities (Ministry of Health care, Kyiv city state administration, etc.)

Если умерший при жизни стоял на учете у врача и над ним проводилось наблюдение, Вы смело можете оставить его дома. В случае того, если сотрудники неотложки говорят обратное, не верьте.

If decesed was on the doctor's records or observation before death, you could easily leave him home. If the ambulance workers telling you the opposite - do not believe them.

2. Call the police

In case of death you need to call the police. You should inform, whether the body needs to be transported to morgue. Body is transorting on the special transport FOR FREE!

3. Beware of people, who starts to call you and propose funeral services. Usually these are fraudsters, and their prices are not real not even close. Relatives of deceised should call an agent and not the agent should put you before the fact of his arrival.

4. Before ordering funeral services, analyze market, prices, etc. There are a lot of proposition and you always can choose the company, , best for you.

5. Rates in pathological departments are not fixed. So the keeping and preparing the body of deceased person is free. Exception is the bureau of bureau of forensic medical examination (Oranzhereina street, 9 and Petra Zaporozhtsya street, 26 ), where you must be provided with check for the service.

Organisation of funeral is very hard and painful process. Our workers will help you to ease the burden of this organisation and will help to chose best option for you, will provide you with all consultation necessary.